Episode #51: Special Star Wars Show

Episode #51 is up- This week Matt sits down with a panel of 5 against 1. Our host, who grew up in the heart of Star Wars Mania, never quite took to the franchise. But that may change as 5 die hard fans try to convince him that he is truly missing out.logo

John Rust, Sports Director for KYCA Radio & SciFi/Adventure author, James Hait of Victory Wealth Services & expert on, among other things, Star Wars theory, Brian Lahti, owner of The Gadget Guy tech support services & above all else, Star Wars aficionado, Frank Abril, who spent most of his life appreciating the SciFi genre while working within the Hollywood studio system, and last but not least, Matt Hinshaw, known not only as a talented photojournalist but also owner of the largest doll collec….correction:  Action Figure Collection known to man.


6057This Gang of Five take the mic trying to sway our host and convince him that Star Wars is THE Franchise of the Galaxy.6049

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