Episode #76: Fathers, sons, friends, & baseball

IMG_20160318_151607Episode #76 is up- This week Matt sits down with himself, makes a phone call, spills juice on his computer, and has a few laughs with East Bay Citizen publisher & podcaster Steve Tavares.Steve tavares




Gaylord PerryHear about baseball, cactus league, visiting Mortimer Farms, sneaking into games, and a lot of other nonsense.






IMG_20160318_151054This episode is
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One Response to Episode #76: Fathers, sons, friends, & baseball

  1. Ricky E says:

    oh Matt. You got real mic skills bro. I loved your podcast. I know it doesnt hurt the fact that at one time i tried to hit your spitter in your front yard a few times when we played catch. Although at the time i thought you said splitter with a ‘L’ But it sure had a nasty curve. But now that explains everything. No wonder i couldnt hit you. and no wonder the ball was drooling like an old man with rabies who just had a stroke. (no offense intended to older stroke victims with rabies). Im not saying the ball was loaded but it was wetter than a hungry saint bernard with parkinsons. (once again no offense intended). Great times.

    Just a quick hi and congrats on a job well done.
    Rick E
    as a lifelong fan i have a request for a show topic and interview.

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