Episode #33 w/ Trinchini Rhodes

Episode #33 is up- This week Matt sits down with local musicians Robin Trinchini & Stuart Rhodes, members 150727_TR_MHof Muddgroove. They also make up the duo of Trinchini Rhodes, performing at various clubs around town.150727_TR_005

Listen in as they talk about their influences, roots, their lives off stage, and upcoming projects including this Saturday’s concert at Courthouse Square, Prescott, AZ.

150727_TR_004Today’s episode, recorded at Brick & Bones Moonshine Bar & Bistro, is sponsored (knowingly) by Dan “The Brit Comedy Doc” Nightingale and his new DVD “Flying Cattle Class” available atwww.britcomedydoc.com

150727_TR_IntOur 2nd sponsor this week, unknowingly, is Dr. Nathan R. Thompson D.D.S. of Prescott Dentistry, who will either enjoy this sponsorship or send The Mile High Show a cease and desist.

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