Episode #50 Durrell Johnson & Kristofer Royer


Durrell Johnson

Episode #50 is up- This week Matt sits down with Durrell Johnson & Kristofer Royer, both stand up comics based out of Phoenix, AZ


Kristofer Royer

Johnson & Royer share a deep respect for their comedic heritage as well as a borderline sickness for Sci-Fi & comic books. They discuss both often leaving our host in the dust.

Listen in as Johnson talks his surprise entry to the stand up stage & Royer explains how what can only be described as an “Accomplice” Childhood led him to the comedic spotlight. From Carlin to comic books, to bank robberies- this episode has it all.

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Episode #49 Bronx Billy O’Connor


Episode #49- Bronx Billy O’Connor  is up- This week Matt sits down with Billy O’Connor, Bronx Billy- firefighter, author, journalist, comedian, & one of the most fascinating characters you will ever meet.


Billy talks about everything from running a sports book, owning a nightclub, his fall into gambling & drugs, to 911 and his rise as one of the most unique voices on the printed page or the comedy club circuit.

Sit back & enjoy the ride. Our intro music is the classic “Heart Attack & Vine” from Tom Waits that is reminiscent of Bronx Billy’s wilder days, and our outro is a Billy favorite, Bruce Springsteen’sThunder Road”.

Pick up your copy of Billy’s “Confessions of a Bronx Bookie” on Amazon today.

Episode #48- The Veterans Of Comedy

Episode #48 is up- This week Matt sits down with The Veterans of Comedy– Shawn HalpinErik Knowles, & Willy C.151111_TempeImpr_004

All former military, these three are also veterans of the comedy stage who have traveled the world both serving the country & delivering laughs.151111_TempeImpr_125

Listen in as they talk trips abroad, swap road stories, and upcoming shows.151111_TempeImpr_029


This episode was recorded at the Tempe Improv just minutes before taking the stage along with Jill Bryan on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2015.



Jill herself had recently returned from entertaining the troops overseas & we hope to sit down with her in the near future.

Our intro music this week is “The Marines Hymn” by Jerry Lee Lewis, the outro is Bette Middlers version of “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” off of The Divine Ms. M

Episode #47 Daniel Duddy, Filmaker

Episode #47 is up- This week Matt sits down with Daniel Duddy, local filmmaker who recently completed his documentary on The Wes Williams Band “Nobody Cares”.daniel duddy mh

Duddy talks his love of film that ranges from classic Film Noir to the latest in Sci-Fi.
This week’s episode was recorded at Brick & Bones Moonshine Bar & Bistro on Prescott’s famed Whiskey Row.

Enjoy and don’t forget our upcoming Anniversary Story Teller Show & an upcoming Star Wars Special Podcast that we’re recording Next Sunday, November 15th, 5 pm at Gabby’s Grill in Prescott Valley.wes williams int

Episode #46- Short (er?) Solo, & upcoming show announcements

Episode #46 (ish) is up- This week Matt records another solo session to bring you up to speed on some upcoming shows, including an interview with Billy O’Connor, former NYFD firefighter, bookie, & journalist who is now a Phoenix based comedian & storyteller. Check out his book “Confessions of a Bronx Bookie”.MileHighShow_FB

Look forward also to our Star Wars episode where some local experts in the field will attempt to convince our host why he is wrong in not believing Star Wars is the greatest film universe of all time, and our upcoming “1stAnniversary Storyteller Show”.

Submit your idea for a story HERE

This show will feature several local folks telling us interesting stories about interesting people. The show will be recorded on Prescott’s Whiskey Row in front of a LIVE audience, so be on the lookout on how you can take part as either an audience member or storyteller.

In line with that show, our intro & outro music is from Tom Waits– one of the greatest storytellers of this or any generation. Both “In Shades” & “Downtown” are off Heart Attack & Vine from Asylum, released in 1980.