Episode #33 w/ Trinchini Rhodes

Episode #33 is up- This week Matt sits down with local musicians Robin Trinchini & Stuart Rhodes, members 150727_TR_MHof Muddgroove. They also make up the duo of Trinchini Rhodes, performing at various clubs around town.150727_TR_005

Listen in as they talk about their influences, roots, their lives off stage, and upcoming projects including this Saturday’s concert at Courthouse Square, Prescott, AZ.

150727_TR_004Today’s episode, recorded at Brick & Bones Moonshine Bar & Bistro, is sponsored (knowingly) by Dan “The Brit Comedy Doc” Nightingale and his new DVD “Flying Cattle Class” available atwww.britcomedydoc.com

150727_TR_IntOur 2nd sponsor this week, unknowingly, is Dr. Nathan R. Thompson D.D.S. of Prescott Dentistry, who will either enjoy this sponsorship or send The Mile High Show a cease and desist.

Episode #32 w/ Natalie Krol

Episode #32 is up- This week Matt sits down with Natalie Krol, local artist, musician, vocalist. Her career NatalieKrol_010includes teaching, performing, counseling, and a new CD available through her website  www.nataliekrol.com

Natlie has been commissioned to create iconic sculptures for clients across the country and around the world, including “Filmstrip USA”, a one of a kind award for Itzhak Perlman, and the beautiful “Silver Tornado” bull that welcomes visitors to Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott.filmstrip7

Natalie will be performing with her band “The Magnificent Five”, Doug Keller (keyboard), Steve Annibale (trumpet/bongos), David Margheim (guitar), Larry Kantor (drums), Natalie Krol (vocals), at the Salsa Arizona School of Dance event “A September to Remember” on Sept. 26th at the Hotel St. Michael Ballroom.

Episode #31 w/ Jacquie Hair of The Whiskey Row-llers

Episode #31 is up- This week Matt sits down with Jacquie “Capt’N Jack” Hair of The Whiskey Row-llers women’s flat track roller derby team from Prescott, AZ.Whisk_Row_mhlogo

Listen is as she talks the challenges of roller derby & women in sports, and learn how you can become a Row-ller Supporter.

The intro today is a tribute to Oakland Raider Legend Kenny “The Snake” Stabler, who passed away this week. News of his death was announced the day this episode was recorded, so Matt reflects on memories of The Snake.Whisk_Row_in

Our intro music today is Roller Derby Queen by Jim Croce, the outro music is AC-DC’s Back In Black, in honor of both The Whiskey Row-llers colors & the King of Silver & Black himself, Kenny Stabler.

Episode #30 w/ 5 In The Wheel

Episode #30 is up- This week Matt sits down with local music scene favorite, 5 In The Wheel– country rock, classic5wheel_3 rock, funk, you name it, they can play it.

5wheel_1Band members Becky Ryniak (vocals), Dan Shaw (guitar), Nick Guzzo (lead guitar), Bill Reyes (bass), & Neil Neideffer (drums) took the stage last week at the new Prescott Valley Civic Center Amphitheater just minutes after recording this episode, so sit back, enjoy, and check out 5 In The Wheel live around town.5wheel 2

Today’s episode is brought to you by L. C. Auto & Truck Repair of Chino Valley.